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It's as if someone hit the "fast-forward" button !

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Grinder: 6 times faster than standards winches

Sheet-in in record time with the GRINDER 

A winch has always been a compromise between less effort (more power) or faster line recovery. With our 4 speed technology there is no longer any need to compromise. If putting an effort of 16 kg into the winch handle doesn't bother you then go for the GRINDER and benefit from it's stunning line recovery.The first of the 2 high speed gears sheets-in 70cms of line with each turn of the winch handle. Once the slack is in move automatically up in to the standard 3rd and 4th gears to complete the manouever 

Because with the GRNDER it is no longer necessary to sheet-in by hand you can anticipate your manouevers and pre-load the self-tailing to win even more time..

Thanks to the GRINDER you can keep a step ahead, whatever the crew.

Find technical data here.

The GRINDER size 46 is temporarily out of stock; it would be available in November 2018.