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winch grinder PONTOS

Grinder Winch for Faster Tacking or Hoisting or Furling

Tacking will never be the same. The Grinder patented four-speed winch allows you to let off the old sheet during a tack and sheet in the new sheet quicker than two could perform the operation with a standard two-speed winch.

The Grinder is that revolutionary, it changes how you tack : preload the new winch and crank. It’s that simple and quick. 

Automatic 4 speed winch to sheet-in 'hands-free'

The first revolution of the winch brings in over two feet of line, an astonishing feat. Reverse the direction for more power.

Repeat twice, gaining more power each time.

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Grinder Winch Features

• Mechanical advantage of additional gears allows you to sheet in 6-times faster than a two-speed winch.

• Safety-no struggling with a whipping slack sheet.

• Four speeds engaged with easy-to-understand reversing of the winch handle.

• Automatic load detection on winch drum.

• A lot of speed in a little package: the Grinder 40 weighs just over 10 pounds, to get a similar performance you have to buy a 3-speed winches from the competitors weighing at least 20 pounds and often much heavier, with a much wider base.

• All winches are self-tailing.

• Available in 3 sizes (40, 46, 52).

• Black hard anodized aluminum.

• Sized to retrofit most standard winches.

• Corrosion-proof components.

• Easy to maintain.

• 5-year warranty.

The Grinder in action : remarkably simple ergonomics

Already adopted by the best skippers

Loick Peyron Winch Grionder PONTOS

Loïck Peyron

on Happy

Pontos has reinvented winch technology, working on new ideas in areas that we thought were definitive, but never quite are. Pontos has come up with a real innovation. We have the same philosophy when working for the America’s Cup. I believe Pontos has genuinely gone one step further, bringing simplicity and ease of use, corresponding exactly to the size and specificity of my multihull.

Sébastien Rogues

Winner of the Class40 - 2013

The first thing we look for in a winch is reliability, Pontos has achieved that. Then comes performance, in other words, how much can a winch contribute to the boat's performance. Clearly, based on our recent racing experiences, we can confirm that Pontos' four speed winches make a big difference. A definite plus. All the guys who have sailed with me are unanimous about Pontos. They're great!

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