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Trimmer Winch for Power

When you’re climbing a hill on your bike you reach for the lower gears to reduce the effort on your straining body, now you can have the same kind of relief for your shoulders and upper body by using the Trimmer Winch.

The Trimmer has a geared-down advantage that takes the strain off while you’re hauling up your mainsail or cranking in your genoa in heavy air.

 Automatic 4 speed winch for 2 times more power

Extra gears mean less work for you, with no extra buttons or complicated maneuvers, just by reversing the winch handle direction.

The ease with which you can wind in a heavily loaded sheet is truly astonishing with the Trimmer.

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Trimmer Winch Features 

• Mechanical advantage of additional gears allows more force to be hauled in easier—reducing winching effort by 50%.

• Automatic--extra power engages as soon as load is sensed on drum.

• Depowering is a simple as reversing winch handle.

• Eliminates need to upgrade to an electric winch.

• All winches are self-tailing.

• Available in 3 sizes (40, 46, 52).

• Black hard anodized aluminum.

• Sized to retrofit most standard winches.

• Corrosion-proof components.

• Easy to maintain.

• 5-year warranty.

The Trimmer in action : remarkably simple ergonomics

Tested and endorsed by

Marion Vidal, First 35 (Arcachon)
Without any preparation at all I was given the task of trimming the genoa and it was magic. I turned the winch handle with my fingertips, literally. There was 20 knots of wind and I was able, quite easily, to react efficiently without any particular effort. There is a sense of ease which is totally unique.
Jacques Trébaul, SunRise 34 (Morlaix)
Really pleased with the TRIMMER winches on my Sunrise 34, especially when I'm with my wife, they've changed my life.

Jean-François Fousson, Jouet 37 (Quelmer)

I sail short-handed with my wife. Your winches work wonders: we can fine trim our 50 m2 genoa easily.

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