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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use a 4 speed winch ?

Is the winch robust ?

Is the maintenance easy to do ?

I would like to change my winches, can I use the same holes … ?

What guarantee do you offer ?

Is your winch compatible with other manufacturers' winch handles ?




Is it easy to use a 4 speed winch ?

Yes, because nothing changes for you. Just as with an ordinary 2 speed winch you change the direction of rotation of the winch handle in order to change gear. It is the load on the line which triggers the automatic clutch enabling you to shift into the higher gears when you decide to winch in the opposite direction. That's it. Nothing could be simpler...


Is your winch robust… ?

Absolutely. The beauty of the technology lies in its simplicity and it's reliability in the fact that it is purely mechanical.

Because a winch is made to last we have made the choice of materials one of our priorities. The gears and shafts are made from top quality alloys, for example 17.4PH stainless steel.


Is maintenance of the winch straightforward ?

Yes. if you are accustomed to performing the maintenance of your current winch you can carry on doing so.If you are not yet used to doing it then now is perhaps the time to try ?


What guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee our winches for 5 years .


Is your winch compatible with other manufacturers' winch handles ?

Yes, the dimensions of the drive socket are conform to standard.