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Pontos awarded in cruising category.

Sail Magazine : January 2014

Pittman Awards 2014

"This is an amazing new winch system from a French manufacturer that will have many sailors rethinking whether they really need electric winches on their boats. Each Pontos winch is equipped with an automatic clutch that pops in two extra gears when loads hit a pre-set threshold. There are no additional buttons or switches; you need only change the direction of your grinding rotation when it’s time to engage the lower gears, the same as with conventional two-speed winch. Cruisers will likely be especially interested in the "Trimmer" version, with its extra-low gearing that cuts the effort needed to handle any given load in half. For those more interested in performance, there’s a four-speed "Grinder" model with extra-high gearing that allows sail-trimmers to quickly and efficiently pick up scads of slack in a line without having to tail it by hand."