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Loïck Peyron sails "Happy"...

Loïck Peyron sails "Happy" with Pontos Winches.

Monday July 21th  2014


Loïck Peyron sails Photo : Jean Marie Liot.


The Revolution in the village

Test pilot for America’s Cup Team Artemis Racing, french offshore sailing star Loïck Peyron will sail the upcoming Route du Rhum aboard a small (39 ft) trimaran, sistership of Mike Birch’s Olympus Photos, winner of the first edition in 1978. Loïck will in that way show his respect to his mentors, american designer Walter Green and canadian offshore sailing pionneer Mike Birch. His yellow trimaran called « Happy » has been fully restored at Multiplast shipyard in Vannes. True to the spirit of the early design, Loïck and his technicians have put the emphasis on keeping the boat simple and easy to use. Fittings and riggings are kept to a minimum; and this is specifically where Pontos winches serve Loïck’s purposes.


 « My idea is to be as faithful as possible to Happy’s early design, when it comes to sails plan, sail surface, and materials. We’ve only carbon reinforced some crucial areas. Respecting the early spirit of the design does not prevent me from associating new technologies. Pontos has reinvented winches technology, working on new ideas in areas that we thought were definitive, but never quite are. Pontos has come up with a real innovation. We have the same philosophy when working for the America’s Cup. The main principles in winch design have been established over the years, thanks to the America’s Cup, and I believe Pontos has gone one step further, bringing simplicity and ease of use, corresponding exactly to the size and specificity of my multihull.


My idea of a simple and easy deck layout true to the early design of the boat matches perfectly Pontos’ philosophy. I like to try new things. And a four speed winch without extra buttons sounded exciting. In the America’s Cup, we spend an enormous amount of time searching for maximum efficiency. Pontos, with its Grinder or Trimmer model, brings  us some very well thought out simplicity. It does take a little time to adapt to it, but the principle works beautifully. I could have chosen any type of winch, but Pontos is providing me with a simpler, easier, more streamlined  boat. All the people who’ve sailed with me so far just love Pontos.


 I think it’s fantastic that Darryl Spurling and Michel Chenon have had the courage to to bring change to this niche. They’ve made a revolution in the village. Their approach is intelligent and very well thought. I like their way of thinking… »